Friday, August 6, 2010

Back again

After a bit of a hiatus from posts, I'm back again.

I've finished a big hurdle in the start of downsizing and creating focus in my computer and interesting technology collection, and after finally buying a house, I have completely finished moving out of a ~2500 sq ft warehouse that I was using to store my collection. At its peak, it was stacked high with equipment, and paths to navigate through the space were sometimes non-existent.

I have since resolved to limit the size of my collection, and thus the number of projects that I want to do. As a direct result of my massive work in downsizing (with critical help from friends for some larger items and a push to finish up towards the end of July - but otherwise mostly done by myself over the January through July of 2010), I now have time to work on projects instead of just spending all of my time moving things back and forth.

I replaced my old iPhone 1.0 with an HTC Evo, running Android, back in June when they came out, and have been exceedingly happy with it. As a direct result of how easy it is to hack and develop on, I have started some projects involving running computer simulators on it. Currently, I have the set of VAX emulators (VAXstation 3900 and VAX-11/780) from Bob Supnik's Simh emulator collection running both 4.3BSD and OpenVMS, with a minimal amount of work.

I have posted pictures of 4.3BSD running both on the Android emulator, and my phone on my Flickr account.

My next post will describe what I had to do to get Simh to compile and run on my phone, and after playing with that, my next target is the Hercules IBM Mainframe emulator.

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